Iron and Iridium based Superconductivity

Invited Speakers:

  • James Analytis, University of California, Berkeley,USA
    Transport near a quantum critical point in BaFe2(As1−xPx)2
  • Vladimir Antropov, Ames Laboratory, USA
  • Ryotaro Arita,  University of Tokyo, Japan
    Effect of electron-phonon coupling on unconventional superconductivity: Comparison between iron-based and C60 superconductors
  • Sergey Borisenko, IFW Dresden, Germany
  • Veronique Brouet, University Paris-Sud, France
    ARPES investigation of the bad metallic behavior in Fe1.06Te 
  • Gang Cao, University of Kentucky, USA
  • Andrew Christianson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Slater and Mott insulating states in Os- and Ir-based transition metal oxides
  • James Patrick Clancy, University of Toronto, Canada
    Evolution of Magnetic Structure and Dynamics in Doped Iridates 
  • Pengcheng Dai, Rice University, USA
  • Mark Dean, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Magnetic excitations in cuprates and iridates probed by resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
  • Genda Gu, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Crystal growth and superconductivity of Fe-Te base materials
  • Hidenori Hiramatsu, Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan
    Superconductivity of indirectly electron-doped and isovalent-doped 122-type epitaxial films
  • Christopher Homes, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Optical properties of iron-based multiband conductors and superconductors
  • Dmytro Inosov, TU Dresden, Germany
    Perspectives for Neutron-Spectroscopy Experiments on Detwinned Iron-Arsenide Single Crystals
  • Masaaki Isobe, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan
    A novel gold-based superconductor SrAuSi3
  • George Jackeli, Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany
    Magnetic order and excitations in spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators
  • Shigeru Kasahara, Kyoto University, Japan
    Superconductivity in FeSe with Extremely Small Fermi Energy 
  • Eun-Ah Kim, Cornell University, USA
  • Yeong Kwan Kim, Yonsei University, Korea
    Orbital order and its fluctuation in the nematic phase of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 revealed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Hiroshi Kontani,  Nagoya University, Japan
    Orbital Fluctuation Induced Nematicity and Superconductivity 
  • Wei Ku, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Spin/Orbital correlation and glide translational symmetry of Fe-based superconductors
  • Dung-Hai Lee, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Thomas A. Maier, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Search for the mechanism responsible for pairing in the iron-based superconductors
  • Zhiqiang Mao, Tulane University, USA
    Interplay between magnetism and superconductivity in iron chalcogenides
  • Adriana Moreo,  University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
    Study of the Nematic State of the Pnictides Based on a Spin Fermion Model with Spin, Charge, and Lattice Degrees of Freedom 
  • Minoru Nohara, Okayama University, Japan
    Design of Iron-based Superconductors using the Arsenic Bond Making and Breaking
  • Satoshi Okamoto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Novel quantum phenomena in digital heterostructures of iridates 
  • Philip W. Phillips, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    Orbital or Spin physics in the Iron Pnictide Superconductors
  • Julian Rincon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
    The orbital-selective Mott phase of one-dimensional multiorbital systems
  • Masatoshi Sato, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society, Japan
    Effects of Orbital Fluctuation on Lattice System
  • Thorsten Schmitt, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
    Persistent high-energy spin excitations in iron pnictide superconductors investigated with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
  • Athena S. Sefat, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Some of the superconductivity research at ORNL
  • Takahiro Shimojima, University of Tokyo, Japan
    Orbital ordering in Iron-based superconductors observed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • Qimiao Si, Rice University, USA
    Electron Correlations and Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides and Chalcogenides 
  • Guangyong Xu, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
    Low energy magnetic excitations from Fe1+y-d(Ni/Cu)dTe1-xSex superconductors
  • Feng Ye, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Magnetic and crystal structures in square-lattice iridate Sr2Ir1-xRhxO4 (0≤x≤0.17)
  • Seiji Yunoki, RIKEN ASI, Japan
  • Guo-meng Zhao, California State University at Los Angeles, USA
    Mystery of high-temperature superconductivity in bismuthates, cuprates, and pnictides

Workshop Chairs:

  • Weiguo Yin, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
  • Guangyong Xu, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
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