Process and Device

Invited Speakers:

  • Sophie Bouchoule, CNRS-LPN, France
    Control of the surface chemistry during Inductively-coupled plasma etching of InP and related compounds for the fabrication of photonic devices
  • Ole Bethge, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
    Pathways for lowering the Interface Trap Density in Ge based MOS devices
  • Yasuo Cho, Tohoku University, Japan
    Gate-bias dependent carrier distribution visualization in SiC power-MOSFET using super-higher-order SNDM
  • Hiromitsu Kato, Energy Technology Research Institute, AIST, Japan
    Growth and doping control of diamond semiconductor for junction device applications
  • Rajendra S. Khairnar, SRTM University, India
    Hydroxyapatite and Zeolites based gas sensors
  • Shreepad Karmalkar, Indian Institute of Technology, India
    Modeling of the Space-charge Region in Nanowire Junctions
  • Eunju Lim, Dankook University, Korea
    Charge modulation spectroscopy and electric field induced optical second harmonic generation measurement for analysing organic device
  • Takashi Nakayama, Chiba University, Japan
    Physics of metal/Ge interfaces; Fermi-level unpinning and interface disorders
  • Etsuji Ohmura, Osaka University, Japan
    Principle of innovative laser-dicing of silicon wafer -Stealth Dicing
  • Nadjib Semmar, University of Orleans/CNRS, France
    Real-Time Laser Based Diagnostics for Thermophysics and Thermelectric Properties Characterization of Complex Thin Films
  • Sawitree Saengkaew, University of Rouen, France
    Interferometric imaging for the detection of nanoparticles and for airborne instrumentation
  • P. Thomas, Central Power Research Institute, India
    Dielectric nanocomposites as high energy density capacitors : Drawbacks and Challenges
  • Gwenn Ulliac, Institute of FEMTO-ST, France
    Towards the fabrication of 3D-LiNbO3 nanostructures
  • William Vallejo, Atlantic University, Colombia
    Synthesis and Characterization of Cd-free Buffer layers to be used in thin films solar Cells









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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China